Deaf Interpreter

Deaf Interpreter

Deaf Interpreters:

Are professionals who provide interpreting services which can provide an effective way of overcoming communication barriers. A Deaf interpreter works between two or more languages and is trained in the process of interpreting. They can work from text to sign and vice versa; sign to Deafblind manual and vice versa or from one sign language to another.

Deaf interpreting should not be confused with other roles (which are not inter-lingual). Many situations are best served by a Deaf bilingual professional where the client’s needs can be supported and advocated in the same language (with a hearing interpreter).


It is to make sure that the Deaf client, who may not be fluent in BSL or have limited capacity, understands the hearing professional clearly. It is an intermediate role as it is working with BSL-English interpreters.

Working with hearing interpreters:

It is the responsibility of both the hearing and Deaf interpreter to make sure both parties understand through accurate interpreting and appropriate register. Generally the hearing interpreter needs to interpret spoken English into British Sign Language and vice versa. It is the Deaf interpreter’s role to make sure the Deaf client understandable to the Deaf client and vice versa. It is different in court as the Deaf interpreter cans only advice the hearing interpreter and does not interrupt in the same way due to the situation. It is the hearing interpreter’s responsibility to clarify with both parties.
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