Fees and Refunds Policy

Fees and Refunds Policy


Terms and Conditions

Deaf Positives Action would like your experience of learning to be as enjoyable as possible.  Deaf Positives Action is friendly and involved in all activities that will enable you to succeed within the Deaf community or because the language is of interest to you.

The following will enable us to achieve this.

Our Courses and workshops

Course Costs
We are not a college and do not receive any grants; therefore no concessions can be made.  We do however endeavour to keep our costs as low as possible and we offer instalment payment plans on all our courses.  If you are paying in instalments please note that an administration charge of £35.00 will be included.

Fees and Refunds Policy
Deaf Positives Action reserves the right to cancel, postpone or reschedule any of its courses.  Where it is necessary to cancel or reschedule any courses, you will be informed at the first available opportunity and students will be rescheduled as a priority to the next available course(s) where applicable.  Deaf Positives Action does not accept any responsibility for certificates expiring as a result of a cancelled course.

We are not liable for any costs that you incur as a result of our cancellation.

Student Details
We will keep any student details on a database, held only by us, for the purpose of administration, market research and mailing, by post or email, of our own publicity from time to time.  Please inform us by email if at any time you with to unsubscribe.

We do not carry insurance to cover your personal items and should any of your personal items be lost, damaged or stolen whilst you are at our premises or at any other premises at which the course is held.  You should not bring valuable items with you to the course.

Deposit payment is required prior to the course start date.  Deaf Positives Action reserves the right to withhold certificates until full payment has been cleared.

•  If a course is cancelled before it starts you will be given a full refund.

•  If a course closes for any reason, fees for remaining part of the course will be refunded.

•  All registration and examination fees are non-refundable.

•  Payments for one-to-one bookings are required to be paid in full, two weeks in advance (if paying by cheque) or one week in advance by Standing Order, or cash on the day.

•  Should payment not be received Deaf Positives Action reserve the right to cancel the booking.

Exams (Level 1, 2 & 3)

•  Should you fail Level 1, 2 or 3 Deaf Positives Action is able to give you the opportunity to re-take these exams again.

•  This can be done as an individual or with an existing course.  Payment will be agreed with our office.

•  You will be required to complete a Student ID form and full payment at least two weeks prior to the exam.  This is to meet with all requirements that Signature require.

You may cancel a course for which you have enrolled and be fully refunded less the refundable deposit, all course fees provided you give Deaf Positives Action at least 22 working days’ notice prior to the course commencement.  Once with this time period a sliding scale of charges will apply as follows:

No of   Working Days’ Notice     % of  Course Fee Payable

               21 – 14 days                                                  50%

               13 – 0 days                                                    100%


You may transfer the course booking to alternative dates and incur no additional costs provided the request is made in writing at least 22 working days in advance of course commencement.  Once within this time period a sliding scale of charges will apply as follows:

No of   Working Days’ Notice     % of   Course Fee Payable

               20 – 11 days                                                 50%

               10 – 0 days                                                   100%

In the situation where a course is run exclusively for a customer – at one of Deaf Positives Actions training centers, on a customer site or any other alternative venue, a transfer of course dates must be received in writing at least 22 working days in advance of course commencement.  No transfers are available for such courses within this period.

Please be aware that full payment is required for non-attendance on a booking that has been transferred.  This will also include students that withdraw from part or all of the courses provided.

Course Information

Deaf Positives Action endeavours to keep all information correct and up-to-date.  However, we reserve the right to vary the course content or method of delivery.  We may vary the course appropriately without consulting with you.

Course Materials

Deaf Positives Action endeavours to keep all information correct and up-to-date. However, we reserve the right to vary the course content or method of delivery. We may vary the course appropriately without consulting with you.

Course viability

All bookings are accepted on the understanding that a training event will only be delivered if it attracts the required minimum number of students to ensure viability.  For most courses a minimum of 70% delegates applies.

Where a training event is cancelled due to insufficient numbers we will notify students by e-mail at the first available opportunity before the date the training event was intended to take place.  You will be a given a full refund.

All our training events are subject to a limit on the maximum number of students.  Once that number is reached, bookings will be declined, but students will be offered the opportunity either to go onto a reserve list and/or be notified by email when the next scheduled instance of the course is offered.

If we do not receive your first payment before the course begins you will not be able to take your place.  Course Fees are outlined on the Fee Schedule. Refunds will be made in the following circumstances – Course cancellation, withdrawal prior to commencement of course.  No refund will be made to students who fail to attend classes or do not finish the course.

You are responsible for the fees.  Please note you can only pay via BACS, cheque or cash.


Students must attend and complete all aspects of the course to qualify for certification.  The full cost of the course will be charged for student(s) who arrive late or are absent from all or part of the course.  This applies even if they are refused admittance due to lateness.

Anyone enrolling on our course will be charged for its full duration.  No reductions can be given in respect of late arrival or early departure or absence.

Course timing and joining instructions

Good time keeping throughout the course is essential.  Deaf Positives Action will issue full joining instructions to the booker, for students attending the course, which includes information regarding the start time of the course.  If the booker does not receive the joining instructions, it is their responsibility to contact Deaf Positives Action either by phone 01189 797575 Skype DeafPositivesAction or e-mail admin@deafpositivesaction.org  arrange for them to be re-sent.

Failure to attend the course due to not receiving joining instructions will result in the full cost of the course being charged.  It is the responsibility of the booker to ensure that the student is fully briefed and made aware of these instructions and all course requirements before attending the course.

Meeting the needs of delegates

Deaf Positives Action has an Equal Opportunities Policy.  To enable us to ensure that all customers are treated fairly and their requirements are fully met, you must advise us in advance of any special requirements that your student(s) need in order to enable them to participate fully in the training.

Please note that any specialist equipment and/or personnel such as signers or translators are not provided by Deaf Positives Action; however, these can be sourced at your own cost which we would expect you to sign and comply with.

Limitation of liability

Except in respect of death or personal injury caused by the negligence of Deaf Positives Action, Deaf Positives Action shall not be liable by reason of any representation (unless fraudulent) or implied warranty condition or other term, or any duty at common law or under the express terms of this agreement, for any loss of profit or any indirect special or consequential loss, cost expenses or other claims for compensation.  The entire liability of Deaf Positives Action to you under or in connection with this agreement and the provision of the training shall not exceed the sum of twice the contract value.

Data Protection Act 1998

Personal data collected will be used for the purpose of students and course administration as required by Deaf Positives Action Training may be disclosed to appropriate bodies/organisations associated with such course (for example Signature).

The information may also be used for marketing purposes and you could be contacted by letter, fax, telephone or e-mail with details of future events and courses organised or promoted by Deaf Positives Action Training which may be of interest to you.

Deaf Positives Action Training will not send marketing communication to any student or organisation requesting their details these are not used for such purpose.

Deaf Positives Action Training proactively manages all marketing communications to enable students and organisations to opt out from further communication at any time. Deaf Positives Action Training will not contact any student or organisation that have previously unsubscribed from e-mail or newsletters.  Contact details supplied to Deaf Positives Action Training will not be passed on to third parties.

Entry requirements

For BSL Level 2 & 3.   Deaf Positives Action would require students to have an interview and assessment to be accepted on the course.


Should a student have reason for complaint it would first be advised to approach your teacher at an appropriate time as not to disturb the class.

Should your complaint be regarding your teacher or not being satisfied with the outcome please put this in writing to Deaf Positives Action, Ritz Plaza House, 10 Denton Road, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40 2DX for the attention of the HR Department.

Our Policies

Should you require any of our policies please contact Deaf Positives Action on 01189 797575 .

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